ACLN Virtual Youth Leadership competition for Tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

Presentation Topic: The insecurity challenges in Nigeria have taken tolls on all facets of the social, political and economic lives of the nation. You are to present your perspectives; outlining the causes and sustainable solutions to peace and economic growth in the country.

12:00AM APRIL 1st 2021 | END DATE: 11:59PM APRIL 31st WAT


Debate Topic: Nigeria has the resources, the ability and the people to grow into an economic superpower.

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...advocating for a new Nigeria, governed by leaders who are trustworthy, competent and patriotic
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Association for Credible Leadership in Nigeria (ACLN) headquartered in New Jersey; United States was born out of the dearth of credible visionaries and selfless leaders in our dear nation Nigeria

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To advocate for a new Nigeria, governed by Leaders who are trustworthy, competent and patriotic


ACLN seek to become a reckonable socio-political force advocating for credible leaders in Nigeria patriotic

ACLN Ambassador Leadership Club


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If you share our values, we encourage you to get involved as we build this nation together. We believe in every voice and value every contribution. That is why ACLN is a platform for you to make that change you want to see. We welcome Nigerians from all over the world. Your distance is not a barrier in being part of this change. We are also working to building our diaspora presence in the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Australia, France, Germany and in every part of the world where Nigerians resides; you are key to this vision so sign up today.
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ACLN Nigeria Country Coordinator

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ACLN Pennyslvania Coordinator

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ACLN Virginia Coordinator

Mr. Akinjimi

ACLN New Jersey Coordinator

Prince Adewale Adefowoju

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Mr. Adeyinka Fadehan

ACLN Global Secretary

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ACLN Financial Secretary

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