ACLN Ambassador Club Inaugural- Lagos, Nigeria

ACLN Ambassador Club Inaugural- Lagos, Nigeria (June 11th, 2019).As a member of the ACLN Ambassador club, you become a student member of an organization that equip youths across Nigeria to become conscientious and patriotic leaders. Through your membership, you will be eligible to participate in our leadership workshops, seminars both within and outside the country and many other opportunities within the scope of ACLN.

Your membership is also a great way to learn new skills, serve your community and meet new people. It is however important to note that your tireless commitment and dedication to our mission is important to our success.You can join the ACLN Ambassador Club through your school participation; our mission is to have the club in all secondary schools across Nigeria.

If your school is not currently participating in the program and you will like to have your school get onboard, please reach out to us at, include your school name and contact details and we will be in touch with you.We hope you to hear from you. Your decision to be a member will mark the start of an awesome journey in responsible leadership.ACLN Global-NewJersey, USA

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