ACLN PRESS RELEASE ON SOWORE’S DETENTION AND FLOUTING OF COURT ORDER.With the undemocratic agitations alleged to be ongoing in Nigeria, which has been presumed to arouse reprisals on any intended individual that is deemed to be challenging the government of the day in Nigeria, most especially Mr. President; upon whose behalf some arrests were assumed to be consummated in recent time; we hereby advisedly declare this uncivilized and worrisome in a great prompt for concerns.

It would be recalled that Mr.Omoyele Sowore was detained on the 3rd of August, 2019, for allegations of threatening public safety, peaceful co-existence and social peace on the impulse of his call for “Revolution now” in Nigeria, and these accusations against him were later adjusted to treasonable felony, cyber fraud and money laundrying. This, we do believe should be proved appropriately to douse every concern that could be linked thereafter. He who alleges must prove. Mr.Sowore who was also a former presidential candidate in the last general election in Nigeria was suddenly whisked away in his hotel lodge without a due process, and consequently upon his doggedness in confronting the government for her serial mismanagements many times.

While the government reserves the right to make arrests where there is a call for it, it is also expected to be carried out fairly and judiciously.Following the above and as many queries arose in criticism against such action, the Department of Security Services, who had arrested Mr. Sowore went to seek a court order to legitimize his actions. And same was granted, in which the application for the” detention request” was approved for forty-five days. However, after the period of forty-five days had lapsed, why should the Department of Security Services refuse to obey the subsequent court order, which had allowed Mr.Sowore to be granted a bail?

Many have complained about the authoritarian intolerance of President Buhari, who has been acting indifferent and unconnected to this matter. His media adviser even claimed not being briefed about any development on the ongoing. Why has democracy suddenly turned to despotism in Nigeria with everyone in power playing tricks of every sort? Are the citizens not having right to the freedom of speech any more in Nigeria? President Buhari himself was more confrontational to the past President, but he was never accused for any connected offense. Why would Mr. President now turn bully on every critic of him or his administration, as even Chido Onumah had also been arrested in the like manner?

Nigeria practices democracy and no one should be harassed for opposing the government on a fair reason. It is even surprising that the same President Buhari that claimed to obey the rule of law, as he affirmed it in the United States, is tolerating its flouting. If there could be a flagrant abuse of court order under the nose of Mr. President at this time and he is not responsive, our democracy might be in chaos at a later time.Having stated the above, notwithstanding, we at ACLN are advising the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to succumb to his democratic expectations and allow criticism to stay without any trepidation.

Most importantly, we demand that Mr.Sowore’s case be upheld and treated as the judiciary stipulate. Let us always remember our reputation to the world outside. Many people are watching.At ACLN as usual, we believe if the people can be enlightened to come together with one mind, the system can still work again as before. We believe in the power of the people, we believe the people can make for themselves, a leader they have longed to see. We believe in the power of the people; WE THE PEOPLE!

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