ACLN Virtual Youth Leadership competition for Tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

Presentation Topic: The insecurity challenges in Nigeria have taken tolls on all facets of the social, political and economic lives of the nation. You are to present your perspectives; outlining the causes and sustainable solutions to peace and economic growth in the country.

12:00AM APRIL 1st 2021 | END DATE: 11:59PM APRIL 31st WAT


This is a bi-annual youth empowerment debate competition hosted across schools in Nigeria that participate in our ACLN Ambassador Leadership Club. Through our intellectually stimulating debate project, youths get to work in teams and proffer solutions to leadership problems in their communities and the nation as a whole.

12:00AM APRIL 1st 2021 | END DATE: 11:59PM APRIL 31st WAT

First Place Prize

First Place only

NGN 200,000 Cash Award

Second Placw Prize

First Place only

NGN 100,000 Cash Award

Third Place Prize

First Place only

NGN 50,000 Cash Award

Presentation Guidelines

Students of any tertiary institutions in Nigeria are eligible.

Tertiary institutions are Universities, Polytechnic and Colleges of Education.

We only allow one entry per tertiary institution. Participants are expected to register on our website and enter the school they attend. Once registered, you will receive a link to connect you with other schoolmates who already registered. Once connected on our ACLN Facebook Leader Club group, you and your schoolmates will collaborate and nominate your best two presenters to represent your school.

To Register to participate in any of our programs, click on ACLN Chapters on the top right menu of our website landing page and select REGISTER, You should then select the Tertiary Institution (ACLN Senior) option and fill the form.

If you are the first participant from your school that registered on our website, you will get the opportunity to set the password for the team page of your school as well as receive a chapter ID in your email. Please keep this chapter ID which will be needed during the submission of your school entry, you will also get a separate link, please follow this link to finalize your registration. Also, if a student from your school has earlier registered, you will be notified and also provided with a link to register; please ensure you complete all steps of this registration.

It is important to connect to our ACLN Facebook Leader Club group so you can collaborate with other members of your school. To do so please register on our website by following step 4 and 5 above. You will receive instructions to connect to the group.

This is a virtual presentation in which a student or two representing a school presents their perspectives about the given topic.

The video length of your presentation should not be more than 5min

Video should be shot against a plain or white background and in a bright and clean room/office.

We accept video shot using cellphone as long as the quality is good. Remember that this will be watched online and voted so we encourage a good quality video.

Our website will be open starting April 1st 2021 to submit your school video entry. Remember, your video MUST not be more than 5min

If you have any questions during your preparation, please ask through the ACLN Ambassador Leadership Club Facebook Group which you should have been automatically added to when you registered.

We encourage participants to submit their entries weeks/days before the deadline. Do not wait till the last days to submit.

We have also shared the rubric the Panel of Judges will use to grade the presentation, please review this rubric before you record your presentation.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We have other exciting opportunities coming soon so ensure you check our website often for updates. Feel free to spread the news with friends too. 

Submit Your Entry

Thank you for your interest in the ACLN Debate.

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Please note: Participation in this debate is free however your school/chapter need to register. Click Here to register your school/chapter.

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