About ACLN

Our Commitment

ACLN Vision, Mission & Strategies

Our Vision

To advocate for a new Nigeria, governed by Leaders who are trustworthy, competent and patriotic

Our Mission

ACLN seek to become a reckonable socio-political force advocating for credible leaders in Nigeria

Our Values

We are guided by these 7 values:


Our Strategy

We hope to achieve this through:

  • Building a team of committed, credible and patriotic Nigerians that shares our passion and values of Integrity and Accountability in Leadership.

  • By not being partisan and to operate independently of any political parties, religious organization, tribes or creed.

  • To embark on programs that will help empower Nigerian youths and re-orientate them in thinking differently, become more patriotic, understand true leadership/governance and demand for same.

  • To educate Nigerians through publications, symposiums, social media etc. to vote in elections not with sentiments but by critically assessing the past and present of a public official

  • To sensitize the Nigeria populace of the importance of unity in our diversity and the separation of credible leadership from religion or tribal affiliation

  • To awaken the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in the young and old Nigerian