Leadership Contest

ACLN Youth Empowerment Essay Writing /Debate Competition – 2018

The burden of this project is to get Nigerian youths to start learning and exhibiting leadership qualities; which ACLN believes will help them in their daily interactions, and more importantly, in their choice of selecting leaders at the poll. We also hope that through this project, participants as well as their mates will be empowered to understand their civic responsibilities as well as patriotism; which is the major issue that Nigeria is currently facing.



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ACLN Ambassador Status

First Runner Up


ACLN Ambassador Status

Second Runner Up


ACLN Ambassador Status

Third Runner Up


Note: The ACLN ambassador status qualifies the winning students and their mentor (teacher) an invitation to attend our leadership conference. It is also an opportunity for the school to host our ACLN Ambassador club.

How it works:

1.    Schools are selected at random by ACLN panels and written an initial letter of invitation to submit two students for the competition.

2.    From the pool of schools that responded within the stipulated deadline, ACLN will shortlist students for the competition.

3.    There will be two students each representing each school and both will work as a team, competing against other shortlisted schools.

4.    Shortlisted school/students will receive further communication on guidelines for submitting their entries. Topic of debate and essay

will also be communicated to schools. This information will also be available on our  website.

5.    Students will present their perspective about the essay topic and work with their partners to create a 8 minutes video to address

the topic. Students are expected to be mentored by their teachers but cannot be helped in writing the essay.

6.    Students with the help of their teachers will submit their entries within the given deadline.

7.    ACLN will upload videos created by students and allow the public to vote the best students. Essay write-ups will be reviewed by

ACLN panels.

8.    The best three teams will be selected for major prizes.

9.    Every student that participate will go home with a prize

10.  For the 2018 Q1 run, Participants will have from February 5 – February 15, 2018 to submit their entries.


For the 2018  Q1 run, Participants will have from February 5 – February 15, 2018 to submit their entries.

If you have received a letter from ACLN and want to submit your entry online Click SUBMIT