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ACLN Reacts to Saraki's visit to America - Diaspora Nigerians can't tolerate corrupt office holders

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  • Date:17 Apr, 2017 00:00

ACLN Reacts to Saraki's visit to America - Diaspora Nigerians can't tolerate corrupt office holders

The Association for Credible Leadership in Nigeria (ACLN) acknowledges the proposed visitation of the Senate President of Nigeria, Dr. Bukola Saraki to the United States, unfortunately, he is not welcomed as planned in early May.

We cannot hold back from revealing how disappointed we, like many Nigerians, are with the Senate President and his Senate, who have failed to address the several cases of corruption leveled against them.

Sadly, Saraki in recent times said that a lot of stakeholders must respect the Senate institution; an institution that has only succeeded in further granting power and more wealth to elected few. No wonder the institution will demand respect that it could not earn.

Recall that Saraki, like many others in the senate, has ongoing cases that have practically been swept under the carpet. Among several corruption allegations which till date has not been answered but rather avoided are:

1. Saraki's operation of foreign accounts between 2009 and 2012 while serving as a public office holder.

2. Saraki was the Kwara State Governor between 2003 and 2011. Till date, there are still unanswered allegations regarding his misappropriation of the public funds during his tenure.

3. Similarly, he was involved in the Panama papers controversy of 2016 and yet to resolve allegations of corruption leveled against the senate by the Paris Club.

4. According to the Head of Intelligence Unit at the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), Samuel Madojemu, Saraki was wrong to have earned monthly payments from the Kwara State government at the same time when he was already elected to the Senate.

5. Also worthy of mention is the fact that, it is under Saraki’s leadership that a key member of the Nigerian Senate was suspended for standing for the truth. Former Majority Leader, Senator Ali Ndume, was sent home for six months for filing a petition against Saraki and the lawmaker representing Kogi West Senatorial District, Senator Dino Melaye, who was involved in certificates forgery case. A Senior Advocate of Nigeria - Femi Falana in a recent interview declared this act of the senate as absolutely unconstitutional.

Aside a 6 month suspension of a fellow senator being unconstitutional, Saraki’s (Senate) Committee on ethics failed to address the raised issues, instead, they attacked the person. What a shame of a body of lawmakers’ institution.

6. For several years, the Nigerian Senate has operated an hidden budget despite the demand for transparency and accountability by taxpayers. A fight the governor of Kaduna state Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has taken on himself by challenging the National Assembly to follow his example of releasing the Kaduna state audited budget.

ACLN commends governor El-Rufai for this action and hereby demand that Saraki and his team as well as governors across the nation release their audited budget otherwise they are not welcomed in the United States and are not fit to occupy the seats at the Nigerian National Assembly or Governor and at the ACLN, we will continue to hold them accountable. They are public office holders not private.

Unfortunately, what Saraki is expected to speak on at the Town Hall event at Crown Plaza Suites Hotel, 9090 Southwest Freeway, Houston on May 4th, 2017, is Brain Drain and ACLN could not but marvel at the disillusion of Saraki and his team. Our question is, what has he done with the brains of Bachelor and Master degrees holders who have remained jobless in Nigeria? What is the Senate doing to the youths unemployment/underemployment which according to the country's bureau of statistics stood at an alarming rate of 45.65% for Q3 of 2016. Is that not chasing shadows?

To ACLN, it shows that Saraki and his team are disillusioned if they are concerned about Brain Drain but have not found a solution to the worrisome level of unemployment, poor infrastructure, shameful public institutions and rate of corruption in Nigeria.

With the facts stated above and more not mentioned herein, the ACLN insists that the Senate President is not worthy of coming to the United States to address learned, skilled and hardworking Nigerians who, in their little capacity, contribute to the uplift of the country back home.

Consequently, if Saraki eventually visits Houston, we hereby urge Nigerians in Houston and across the United States to rise up and show him our displeasure along with those of his colleagues in the National Assembly by protesting his presence. We cannot allow these rogues the pleasure of a peaceful visit to the U.S.A while they leave our fellow Nigerians languishing in misery back home!



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