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Arewa or Biafra, Secession is no solution to Nigerian problem

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  • Date:20 Jun, 2017 00:00

Arewa or Biafra, Secession is no solution to Nigerian problem

The Association for Credible Leadership in Nigeria (ACLN) outrightly condemns the three (3) months quit notice issued to Igbos resident in Northern Nigeria by some Northern youth groups. We find it rather atrocious that at this critical time when the country is struggling to ensure unity, some young and supposed leaders of tomorrow are issuing a quit notice to another tribe.

We have also watched, over the past years, the resurrection of the Biafra struggle which has brought nothing short of pains to us as a nation. Worst still, it's disappointing the way some respected elders of both tribes have been allowing sentiments to becloud their judgement and instead of educating our youths of the evil of war, are rather championing the secession/division course.

It could be pardonable if the Northern youth groups claim ignorance of history, but not some elders who approached the Press to publicly support the ultimatum.

On the other hand, while we understand and show concerns for the constitutional rights of a citizen to peaceful protest and rights to be treated fairly in the union of the Nigerian tribes, we also vehemently disapprove the campaign for secession that our Igbo brothers and Sisters have been championing and now the northern youths for several reasons.

The ACLN demands that these groups should know that breaking up is not a solution like it has never been in any country, because looking at what will constitute the Biafran nation that is being agitated for or the Arewa nation, it is still a committee of several tongues and tribes and one can only wonder what gave the secessionist on both sides the assurance that Biafra or Arewa as a nation will work considering the  diversity that will make up these nations if the Nigerian nation with the same complexity is adjudicated a failure.

Similarly, all groups; Northern, Eastern and recently the West calling for secession or division may want to be reminded that Nigeria is a diverse nation and the beauty of our diversity has been the strength of this great nation. From the economic point of view, no region has it all. Nature has made us inter-dependent one on the other. Thus, if well harnessed, strength can be drawn from this diversity. More importantly, we should focus more on how we can make this diversity work than pulling it down. The nations that have harnessed the power of diversity such as America with millions from all over the world are reaping the fruit thereof.

Talking about War syndromes, the impact of war on a nation cannot be overemphasized. No country has ever fought and won a war, for there is always casualties and losses on both sides and the aftermath of war is enough for any country to sternly avoid it. For instance, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been a noted effect of war on the mind which may possibly take a lifetime to heal. Within Africa alone, Mozambique, Angola, Sudan, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Chad are yet to recover from civil war, then should Nigeria join the League of War ravaged nations?

The ACLN recalls that 50 years ago, during the Biafra war, over the two and half years of the war, there were more than 100,000 overall military casualties, while close to two (2) million Biafran civilians died from starvation. As much as we feel the pains of our brethren agitating for secession, we should also be reminded that fighting for the about 2million people who lost their lives in the blood shed, would rather mean preparing to lose more lives of our loved ones, majorly women and children who give us hope for tomorrow. 

More so, there is no denial that most of the greedy leaders agitating and working behind the scene to actualize their demonic and greedy ambitions have their families and loved ones outside the shores of Nigeria. They are rich enough to charter a private jet at the slightest sound of war and check out of the country leaving the masses to fight it out. Then, shouldn't a dialogue be employed over blood shed.

In view of these and many more, the ACLN therefore believes the solution to the problem of Nigeria is not to further propagate division but to find strength from within and work things out. 

As a people, we need to learn Patriotism, Accountability, Celebration of Hard Work instead of mediocrity, and respect for each other's constitutional rights. From critical observation, we have seen that among others, the absence of these values have been the bane of each tribe within the Union and not until these are addressed, no member of the union can prosper whether on its own or within the union as evident in the lopsided development speed across the country.

At this juncture, the ACLN commends the promptness of some prominent Nigerians who responded to nip the order in the bud, among whom are Governor Nasir El’Rufai of Kaduna State who immediately ordered the arrest of some Northern youth leaders for ordering Igbos in the North to leave the region before October 1, Also worthy of noting is the action of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and some notable Nigerians who have given their voices to condemn the move.

We, therefore, consider the Press release a shame in the part of the Northern youths who have failed to consider the greater impact of their statement on the Nigerian population which is as diverse as it is large. With the more than 250 ethnic groups whose interests and individuality are paramount to the survival of Nigeria as a Nation.

Meanwhile, we want to also encourage the Federal Government to continue to put infrastructure development, economic diversification and States/Regional development in the forefront of its agendas as this trio has the capability of creating more jobs and empowering the Nigerian youths whose agitation for division can also be traced down to frustration and the feelings of neglect by their leaders.

The Apex Government should also, as a matter of urgency, call a conference where all dissatisfaction of parties: Hausa, Igbo, Middle belts, South South, Yoruba etc, will be tabled and a wise and lasting solution proffered and implemented. The ACLN believes Nigeria is great and can be greater if the government can lead the citizens through the right path.

*About ACLN*
Association for Credible Leadership in Nigeria (ACLN) is a non-profit organization, headquartered in New Jersey; United States. ACLN was born out of the dearth of credible visionaries and selfless leaders in our dear nation Nigeria.
At ACLN, we believe Nigeria can be reformed to regain her lost glory as a country once a center of the African continent, enviable pillar to the whole world, and once led by visionary and selfless leaders.
We believe if the people can be re-orientated to come together with one voice, we can put the system to work again. We believe the people can make for themselves, a leader they have longed to see. We believe in the power of the people; WE THE PEOPLE!


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    Nigeria should be one.

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    Good job guys