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ACLN Says No to Politics of Imposition and Intimidation in Nigeria

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  • Date:04 Oct, 2018 00:00

ACLN Says No to Politics of Imposition and Intimidation in Nigeria

Following the uproars and the calls for fouls; first, during the Osun State re-run election that was held last month, the 27th of September, 2018, and now the All Progressive Congress (APC) gubernatorial primary election in Lagos State, which was concluded on the 2nd of October, 2018, amidst a strong tense of influence as reported and flaunted on the social media, ACLN is hereby worried about the facts to reckon on the foregoing. Most especially, we are so perplexed about the future of democracy in Nigeria.

The voting situation is seriously becoming a matter of high concern that needs to be put straight on time, ahead of the general election in Nigeria, come the year 2019. While we looked into the various suppositions, we could recall the similar situations in most of all the elections of the year 2007 in Nigeria, where many serial manipulations were witnessed but corrected by the succeeding government of the late President Yar’adua, who allowed an eventual justice for the cheated candidates afterward.

Someone might say the year 2007 was the era of People’s Democratic Party (PDP). But what has been different in the on-going reported era of impositions by the APC government, as against the former? There has been no clear difference from both parties, either on the left, right or at the center. Egalitarianism, we believe is paramount in every democratic contest. Every intending participant should be accorded the necessary equality without an imposition, disenfranchisement or intimidation of any sort. Threatening and arrest of opposition parties in Nigeria with the use of thugs, federal and state police, or apparatus, is undemocratic and this should be stopped. If some of these situations were reported rumors, to see is still to believe as captured in some of the videos circulating on the internet on the just concluded elections in both Osun and Lagos States, where voters lamented that thugs were used to intimidate or even maim their party members.
Going by some of the above trailing electorate’s disgruntlements, an instance was confirmed on a video in Lagos, where an APC ward Chairman was boastfully threatening the oppositions at Somolu Ward J, even within his own party. The act was so ridiculous! It is very important to note that democracy can only be sustained in an atmosphere of respect for human rights, and it should be devoid of intimidation of the oppositions.

It is, however, still worth noting for the APC to remember that their victory in the year 2015 was based on people’s votes, and to a very large extent, people’s choice of the preferred candidate, without any oppression like it has been coming to play from them in recent time. If a political party or its chosen candidate is confident of its personality, achievement, wits and capacity, there is no need for rousing any influence beyond normal on the electorate. The same people that judged the former would definitely decide on the latter by the same yardstick. For the day of reckoning, the best is expected from every elected party rather than any false or a misleading campaign.

Nevertheless, the chance is still there for the APC government to match up and convince the people, instead of involving or focusing on continuous electoral malpractices as speculated around. The righteous would never panic, if truly he was righteous! Without a prejudice, we believe in every government of the good, by the good and for the good. And for the umpteenth time, we beg of the goverment and the political big wigs to allow the people of Nigeria decide their rightful choices by voting without any fear or threats, in the subsequent elections.

At ACLN as always, we still believe, if the people can be enlightened to come together with one mind, the system can work again as before. We believe in the power of the people, we believe the people can make for themselves, a leader they have longed to see. We believe in the power of the people; WE THE PEOPLE!