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ACLN Reacts to the Religious killing in Nigeria

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  • Date:12 Feb, 2017 00:00

ACLN Reacts to the Religious killing in Nigeria

The Association for Credible Leadership in Nigeria (ACLN) condemns, in strong terms, the lawless killings of innocent Nigerians both in Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State; Enugu and Oyo states, to mention a few across the country.

On the one hand, kudos to the Federal Government for the success recorded against insurgent Boko Haram in the far North-Eastern states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe as citizens are now being reunited and reintegrated back into the society, even as the rebuilding efforts commences. On the other hand, we believe more needs to be done.

Like many Nigerians, we are deeply disappointed with the FG in its response to address these gruesome killings, which is yet to produce any single individual or group to face the wrath of the law. We are afraid that when criminals get away with such devilish acts, it could further encourage such wicked acts in our already delicate society.

Need not to remind President Muhammadu Buhari as the Grand Commander of the Armed Forces, each head of military arms etc. that the safety and protection of Nigerians is a top priority as captured by the President during his inaugural speech in 2016. With several military and para-military agencies in the country, it is expected that government at various levels would have done something worthwhile about these barbaric killings across the country. That said, it is not too late even now, except if the killings are politically motivated (to which Nigerians deserve an answer) as claimed by some quarters .

The ACLN demand that government at different levels in the country make the safety and protection of the lives and properties of her citizens a top priority. We encourage every state Governor and Local Government Chairman to be prompt in addressing these extrajudicial killings, kidnapping and armed robbery and work with the federal government to bring perpetrators to justice. Similarly, traditional rulers and religious leaders have a lot to do being the closest to the people. This is quite true because these people are the closest leaders to any Nigerian community. Thus, the use of inciting or provocative statements may be more harmful to our unity as a people than it can help resolve the crisis.

The ACLN is particular about this because of the statements of some religious leaders who believe these killings are religious and have begun to advocate that members of sister religions should take up arms to fight back. No, we urge such leaders to communicate whatever grievances to the leadership of the religion in the country; as in the case of Christians, (CAN); for Muslims, there are many such as the Anwar Deen, Ansar Deen, Anwar Islamiyya, NASFAT, to mention a few. No denial that every government has a relationship with supreme leaders of such religious group via which such grievances can be appropriately communicated from bottom to top.

About ACLN
Association for Credible Leadership in Nigeria (ACLN) is a non-profit organization, headquartered in New Jersey; United States. ACLN was born out of the dearth of credible visionaries and selfless leaders in our dear nation Nigeria.
At ACLN, we believe Nigeria can be reformed to regain her lost glory as a country once a center of the African continent, enviable pillar to the whole world, and once led by visionary and selfless leaders.
We believe if the people can be re-orientated to come together with one voice, we can put the system to work again. We believe the people can make for themselves, a leader they have longed to see. We believe in the power of the people!