About ACLN

ACLN Secretariat

The ACLN Secretariat which comprises of ACLN leadership is located in New Jersey, United States which is where the organization started out.

ACLN Secretariat Team

Prince Adewale Adefowoju

ACLN President

A visionary passionate about issues related to Nigeria development. He believes if the resources of Nigeria can be better managed, the glory of the country as the enviable giant of Africa will be regained.

Adeyinka Fadehan

ACLN Global Secretary

Adeyinka joined ACLN from its inception and has been contributive to several of its projects. He is a passionate Nigerian who believes Nigeria can be great again as citizens are trained to imbibe the mindset of service. He is a servant leader that has impacted the lives of many within his sphere.

Mr. Benson Fayemi

ACLN Financial Secretary

To me, Man was not created for his own self, but to impact lives: this mantra is what connects me with selfless colleagues at ACLN.

Mr. Taofik Lawal

ACLN Asst. Global Secretary

As much as I love Nigeria, I strongly detest the unpatriotic and corrupt public officials that we have allowed to govern our country. I however strongly believe that through constant enlightenment programs we can overcome these shortcomings and have a better Nigeria in the future.

Ms. Merci Kanem


Author and Real Property Specialist Helping to make Nigeria Great Again.

Engr. Remi Ige

ACLN Virginia Coordinator

I have always aspire to inspire my generation before I expire. You can make a difference also as you find your place in ACLN