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The ACLN Team

ACLN though started in New Jersey, it has spread tentacles to several states in the United States and Countries like Canada, Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom and Nigeria. 

Notable states in the USA with ACLN members are: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Illinois, and Texas etc. ACLN members are bonded together by only one thing, the love and passion each individual has for Nigeria. Most new members across the globe only saw the passion mostly through our articles and social media platforms and immediately connect. Today we have over 50 members around the world and we are still growing.

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If you share our values, we encourage you to get involved as we build this nation together. We challenge every citizen of Nigeria both home and in diaspora to come on board and let us build a future we have always loved to see in Nigeria. We believe in every voice and value every contribution.