Our ACLN Ambassador Leadership Club (a.k.a. Nigeria Ambassador) is a project we created to bridge the credible leadership gap in Nigeria. The mission is to have the ACLN Ambassador Club across all secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This project has been launched in selected Secondary Schools as a pilot phase with the hope of scaling it across the country.

We identified some missing link which the Ambassador club is meant to fix:

  1. Understanding Civic Responsibilities: Leaders emerge from the people, the dearth of credible leaders we have today stems from lack of trainings that is geared towards encouraging active participation in the public life of a community in an informed, committed and constructive manner especially in the formative years.
  2. Mindset: There is an urgent need for a mental revolution. An orientation of the mindset that takes into consideration our 7 pillars of effective leaders i.e. Integrity, Trustworthiness, Competency, Patriotism, Accountability, Excellence, Social & Environmental Responsibility.
  3. Voting: Youth participation in selecting who governs them is lacking hence an urgent need for youths to understand they have the power to shape their country by voting the right leaders into office.
  4. Tribalistic viewpoint: An average Nigerian always choose to tag themselves with an ethnic identity, meaning he/she is an Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa first before being a Nigerian. We therefore seek to awaken the spirit of patriotism and nationalism in the young Nigerians.

With our Ambassador Club trainings, we hope to bridge all these gaps and prepare the youths for leadership.

Our vision is to raise 10 million Nigerian youths by 2030, one million youths a year.

Our goal is Audacious, but we believe with more and more Nigerians coming onboard to join us in it pursuit, we can do it together.

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